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Ready for the best summer yet?

We’ve got you! Summer is the perfect time to relax, recharge, and soak up some sun!

It’s also a season with A LOT of down time. With so many camps, vacations and events cancelled, staying focused, inspired, and connected can be a challenge.

That’s why we have created the SPARK Subscription — a monthly mentorship group for teenage girls. 

As a SPARK Subscriber, you will get exclusive videos, brand new podcasts, group mentoring sessions and access to a members only group chat to stay connected, inspired and learning the skills you need to THRIVE next school year and beyond.

Parents: Have you ever wondered...

Is my daughter…

  • Developing a strong sense of self-confidence? Does she love who she is… or does she compare herself and feel she isn’t enough?
  • Active and involved with friends in real life… or getting too much screen time that could affect the way she sees herself and the world? 
  • Prepared to handle peer pressure, breakups and the other challenges of high school relationships… or will she let others define her?
  • Supported in finding a college and career she enjoys and is good at… or is she lost when it comes to next steps and knowing what she wants?
  • Setup to make it in the real world with finances and time management… or will the challenges of the “real world” be overwhelming?
  • Clear on the difference between a “perfect body” and being truly healthy… or will beauty and diet culture take a toll on her mental and physical health?  

Fairytale Reform provides teens with the tools and support they need to navigate these challenges and more.

Our goal is to set you up for success in the real world from the inside out. We live by our motto: “Be Your Own SPARK”

SPARK is an acronym for the topics we focus on….

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Here's What You'll Get with Your SPARK Subscription Every Month...

Video #1:

It Starts with YOU!

Loving yourself, being growth minded, and knowing who you is the most important part of what we do. You’ll get a subscribers-only video talking about the theme of the month with specific action steps to help you grow into the best YOU that you can be.

Video #2:

Physical & Mental Health

Physical and mental health are essential to a happy life. Each month, you’ll get a workout from a fitness or mental health expert in our community, specifically designed for SPARK Subscribers. 

Video #3:

Adulting How-Tos

Things like time and money management, cooking, and staying organized may not be all that glamorous, but they are super important! You’ll get a how-to video every month all about preparing you for the real world. 

Video #4:

Relationship Skills

Friendships, dating, and professional relationships are all great parts of life, but they definitely don’t come with instructions. We will teach you how to develop good communication, handle conflict, and create healthy relationships with everyone in your life.


Kickstarting Careers

Get ready for a jumpstart on creating a career you will love! We will talk with professionals from many different industries so you can learn the inside scoop on careers to consider. Learn the steps to get there NOW so you save time and money later.

Plus, plenty of live interaction...

Group Mentoring Video Session

Once a month, SPARK Subscribers will have a 1 hour video call with our founder Katie Hoffman. On this call, Katie will dive into the theme of the month and answer questions from subscribers. All calls will be recorded for future access.  

GroupMe Text

Subscribers can be added to an optional group text (via GroupMe) to stay in touch with other subscribers. Katie will also answer questions and send daily doses of inspiration and check-ins.

*BONUS: As a SPARK Subscriber, you will also get discounts on future events, 1-on-1 mentoring, and first access to new offerings and products. 

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Girls who participate in Fairytale Reform's mentoring develop...

  • A healthy sense of self-worth and love for who they are, resulting in a strong relationship with themselves
  • Genuine friendships with girls from different schools, broadening their perspectives and friend groups
  • Coping skills for handling peer pressure, breakups, and unexpected changes, giving them confidence to respect themselves and honor their values in any situation
  • Skills for regulating emotions and setting boundaries, so their relationships with teachers, parents and peers will thrive
  • A vision for who they want to become, now and in the future, setting them on a path towards a fulfilling life
  • Relationships with mentors and advocates who will support them and cheer them on, now and for years to come

Here's what parents and participants are saying about us...

“I am so impressed with the Fairytale Reform Movement. What a breath of fresh air… The Fairytale Reform workshop [and mentoring] helped my niece see herself in such a better light… Honestly, when I signed her up, I didn’t think she would be “on board”. Quite the contrary. She looked forward to going each week… I’m so glad she is a part of this wonderful group.”  – Melanie, Guardian 

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of Fairytale Reform. My daughter is continuing to be a part of the circle of friends she’s made.” – Ronda, Parent

“I learned to make a budget and put on mascara.” – Marley, 9th grader

I’ve learned how to have more faith in myself, like how to stop doubting my decisions.” – Kayla, 10th grader

“I just needed a confidence boost. This is exactly what I needed” – Avery, 10th grader

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**Buy-1-Give-1! Buy a yearly membership and we’ll donate a one to a girl in financial need.

Got questions? We've got answers!

Q: Who is the SPARK Subscription for? 

A: High school girls (9th-12th grades) from all schools. 

Q: I have a daughter in middle school. She’s very mature for her age. Can she join? 

A: Although a lot of the Fairytale Reform content is super helpful for younger ages, some of the topics are geared towards older girls like dating, breakups, and college admission. With this in mind, if you would still like your middle schooler to join (or for a middle school group to be created), please email Katie directly at [email protected].

Q: How many girls will be in the group? 

A: Each SPARK group is limited to 50 girls. 

Q: Can my teen have 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Katie? 

A: Absolutely! As a subscriber, you will receive a discounted rate for all 1-on-1 sessions. 

Q: What if we try it and it’s just not a fit for us?

A: We love you and hope you love us too! If it’s not a fit at the time though, no worries, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime. Partial refunds are available on the yearly plans on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Does Fairytale Reform give any donations or grant scholarships?

A: We are serious about making a difference in our community and beyond! Please join us in making this happen. For every yearly membership we sell, we will provide one to a girl in financial.

Q: There’s free content everywhere! Why should I pay for a SPARK Subscription?

A: Although there is free content everywhere, kids have to look through a lot of potentially harmful media to find the good stuff. The Fairytale Reform content is specifically made for teenage girls and is encouraging, uplifting, and helpful. Plus, it’s delivered straight to them and comes with a built-in community to support them along the way.

Q: I have more questions! What do I do?

A: Email Katie directly at [email protected] and she will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Let's Do This!

*Cancel anytime

*One month free!

**Buy-1-Give-1! Buy a yearly membership and we’ll donate a one to a girl in financial need.

About Our Founder

Katie Hoffman is the founder and CEO of Fairytale Reform. As a former high school teacher and millennial, she knows, first hand, the challenges facing teen girls today. Using what she wishes she would have known in high school and college, she started Fairytale Reform to help girls learn the life and relationships skills they need to thrive from the inside out. She’s a mentor, coach, and new media expert with a degree in Communication and Psychology from University of Tulsa. Learn more about her vision for Fairytale Reform on our About page. 

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*Cancel anytime

*One month free!

**Buy-1-Give-1! Buy a yearly membership and we’ll donate a one to a girl in financial need.