Camp Curriculum

Our core camp curriculum is designed to introduce campers to the fundamental philosophies of camp—positive self- esteem, healthy relationships, leadership, and career direction.

Spark Sessions are elective courses where campers will dive deeper into the core curriculum with a specific area of focus. They choose from a variety of interests, topics and classes, corresponding with the core courses.

Core Course 1: Reforming the Fairytale: Be Your Own Spark

In our camp kick off session, campers will learn about the issues with the traditional fairytale narrative— modern day damsel in distress is rescued by modern day Prince Charming. Once this happens, life can finally begin and dreams come true. We challenge this narrative by providing an alternative—write your own fairytale, live your dreams now and let the romance find you in the right time. Be your own spark and make dreams happen; Over the course of the camp, they will learn how. Our philosophy is not anti-relationship, anti-men or anti-romance, but rather empowerment that comes from a place of self-fulfillment, respect and collaboration. We will cover self-esteem and the importance of loving yourself as a prerequisite to loving another. The courses and spark sessions to follow will provide more specific tools on how to do this.

Corresponding Spark Sessions:

Campers break up into small groups and define what “fairytale” means for them. This will be their roadmap throughout camp and hopefully, a framework to build on for the rest of their lives.

Core Course 2: Besties for Life

Young women in particular are presented with a lot of expectations, both internal and external. In this course we will talk about how to find and keep good friends. Also, how to be a good friend no matter what.

Corresponding Spark Sessions:

Campers will work with small group to find camp “buddies”. These small groups and buddies will go through trust building processes to learn the concepts of true friendship. These buddies will stay in contact, post-camp to ensure accountability and support.

Core Course 3: Mindful Relationships

It’s a whole new world out there when it comes to dating – social media, dating apps, and more; there’s a lot of pressure to be somewhere you aren’t. We will cover healthy dating habits, mindfulness in the process and knowing yourself throughout all the ups and downs of romantic relationships.

Corresponding Spark Sessions:

  • Dating with integrity
  • How to get through a breakup
  • Mindful love: Staying off the dating crazy train
  • Healthy social media

Core Course 4: Health & Wellness

Campers will learn the foundations of healthy eating, exercise and stress management.

Corresponding Spark sessions:

  • Yoga/meditation
  • Dance
  • Weights
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Poetry/creative writing
  • Floral design

Core Course 4: Adulting 101

This core course will equip our campers with some of the main components  of being a successful adult. We will touch on topics like time management, money management, study and work habits.

Corresponding spark sessions (campers spend 30 minutes in each one):

  • Financial management
  • Time management
  • Study and work habits
  • College admissions tips

Core Course 6: Boss Babe Bootcamp

We want campers to pursue their passions. In this session they will hear from a panel of women and men who have created their own dream careers, how they did it and what steps campers can take now to get to where they hope to be.

Corresponding Spark Sessions:

  • Careers in Law
  • Aesthetics/fashion
  • Business
  • Liberal Arts/creative fields
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Speed Networking