Who are you? A daughter, student, athlete, friend? For most of us, many of these titles are true, but there’s a lot more to learn about who we are in on the inside!

This 6 week workshop will help you discover yourself and set you up for an exciting, adventurous year ahead. We promise, it will be a lot of fun (and there is free food… just sayin).

In this 6 week, introductory workshop, participants will learn how to “be their own spark” by learning the foundational principles of Fairytale Reform.

Who: 7-9th grade girls

When: Saturday mornings (10-11:30am) from January 25th-February 29th

Where: Tulsa, OK (specific location provided upon enrollment)

The workshop focuses largely on two kinds of relationships…

  • Relationship with self: In order for young women to succeed and thrive in all areas of life, they must KNOW for themselves that they are loved, valuable and worthy. Our participants will learn where true self-worth comes from. After completing the activities and curriculum in the workshop, the young women will see big improvements in the areas of…
    • Self-esteem
    • Body image
    • Sense of self
    • Self-respect
    • Mental health
  • Relationships with others: Once a young woman is secure in who she is, the challenge becomes building relationships with other in order to have fulfilling relationships with peers, teachers, and parents. The course will focus on helping participants with…
    • Conflict resolution
    • Emotion control
    • Expressing emotion in a healthy, respectful way
    • Setting healthy boundaries with peers

Space in the workshop is limited to 10 participants. Each week, the group will meet, enjoy a tasty breakfast, catch up on the week and then dive into the curriculum! The curriculum will consist of activities, worksheets, conversations, and weekly challenges to complete before the next meeting. Each participant will be provided with a workbook and audio recording of each session so they can go back over all their insights in the future.


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