Relationship Coaching

You know the tale: life is a hot mess for the Damsel in Distress, when suddenly, she is rescued by her Knight in Shining Armor. Then all is right with the world, love is easy and they ride off into the magical, fairytale sunset.

Society loves to present us this idea of the Fairytale— there is someone “out there” who is going to complete you and fix all of your brokenness. All you need to do is find your real life Prince Charming (or Fairytale Princess) and you are good to go. (But until you find them… whew! Good luck!)

Enter reality.

If you’ve spend any time dating at all, you know it’s not that simple. Dating in today’s fast paced, media driven society can be a pretty scary, complicated process.

More often than not, one of three things happen:

  1. We find ourselves single, swiping left and right, wondering if “the one” will show up.
  2. They DO show up, but turns out they leave towels on the floor, watch sports for days and send too many or not enough texts (ie: they are human).
  3. We thought we had found our soul mate, but then it all fell apart and we are left heartbroken

Navigating these three speed bumps on the road to happily ever after can be challenging. With all the unknowns in modern dating, it can be easy to board what I refer to as the Dating Crazy Train. Maybe you’re familiar with it…

The Dating Crazy is filled with racing thoughts, a lot of anxiety about if he likes you, if she is going to call back, if you will ever find love, etc.

I get it. I have been there.

I’ve bought into society’s myth that in order to be complete, I needed to find the “right guy”. For years, I put my life on hold, adapted my dreams and watered them down in order to fit what I thought they needed to be in order to find (and keep) Mr. Right.

I’ve been head-over-heels in love and know the challenges and rewards that come with being in a committed relationship with a perfectly, imperfect human.

I’ve also had my heart completely broken and seen what I hoped would be my fairytale crumble—ultimately learning what I once thought I had to find in someone else, I had within myself the entire time…

Through the many twists and turns in my love life, I came to a very important realization that is now the foundation of what I teach my relationship coaching clients…

Ready for it?

There is no step-by-step guide to finding the one you are supposed to be with, but through the process of learning and growing, I’ve found there are different approaches we can take that will make dating more fun and less overwhelming.

My coaching clients and I get to the bottom of what they are looking for, what’s holding them back and most importantly, how they can have more peace in the process of making it happen.

Relationship Coaching can help you:

  • Heal your heart from past relationships, learn the lessons and get on with it
  • Get super clear on your dreams and start living them NOW
  • Stop putting your dreams on hold until you find the right relationship
  • Quit settling for the wrong relationship and attract the one you’ve been hoping for
  • Discover how mindfulness in dating can transform the way you date
  • Improve your current dating life or romantic relationship
  • Learn new perceptions on rejections, breakup and relationships
  • Love yourself fiercely 

Here’s the deal: One of the best way to have a sustaining, happy marriage later, is to create a happy, passionate life NOW.

A happy, healthy relationships starts with YOU.

Relationship coaching with me can help.

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