Mindful Relationships 101

Mindful Relationships 101 from Fairytale Reform

FACT: Relationships with people are complicated.

Whether the relationship is romantic, platonic or professional, interacting with another person who has their own set of beliefs, values and ideas can be a challenge. With social media surrounding us, it can be difficult to slow down long enough to identify how we feel about different situations and express those feelings in a helpful way.

Learning to work with people and communicate well in relationships will always take time, but I have found that the practice of mindfulness can help us slow down, understand what is going on with our thoughts and feelings and respond in the most supportive way.

I could go on and on about the benefits of mindfulness (and I definitely will! Stay tuned), but today’s episode is an intro to mindfulness, what it is and how it can help. Check it out!

If you’re wanting to learn more about mindful relationships, check out my talk from TEDx University of Tulsa:

Stay tuned for more information about how to create a mindful relationship and please join us live in Tulsa, OK for a workshop all about mindful relationships, coming late July. More details coming soon!

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