Ready for more fun and less drama when it comes to dating and romantic relationships?

You’ve come to the right place! Fairytale Reform is your one-stop, online shop for relationship advice, dating tips and tools to create healthy relationships and have more fun on the search for “happily ever after”.

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Pop culture tells us a lot of things about how relationships should be that aren’t exactly true. At Fairytale Reform, we believe a little differently and are doing our part to start a more empowering conversation. Here are a few things we believe:


Our vision is to inspire a global movement where young women of all backgrounds feel content and supported in living their lives to the fullest without rushing or being pushed into marriage.

We step towards this vision daily through Our Mission…

Through multimedia, relationship coaching and live events, we equip young women to have healthy, sustaining love stories– beginning with the one they have with themselves. Our commitment to this mission is three fold:

  1. Our Content: We are committed to providing high quality, well researched and relatable material in all of our videos, essays, presentations and products. We provide a balanced blend of academic research, spiritual insight and personal experience in all we create.
  2. Our Movement: Our movement is fueled through love and seeks to elevate and empower, never alienate; We are NOT anti-marriage or anti-men, we are pro-“love yourself fiercely” and act accordingly. We believe that when a young woman is able to love herself, she is able to love others even more. She can create a purposeful, fulfilling life now and as a result, have an even better marriage later.
  3. Our Global Community: Our desire to truly “change the world” compels us to serve women from all different socioeconomic backgrounds; we are committed to using our time, talent and treasure to promote justice and equality. With this mission in mind, 10% of the proceeds and services from Fairytale Reform will go directly to a non-profit working to help people meet their most basic needs. We are currently working with CURA for the World, a non-profit providing medical care to people in need, locally and globally.

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About the Founder: Katie Hoffman


Katie Hoffman is a college speaker, writer and the Founder of Fairytale Reform. She speaks to college students across the country on the importance of loving oneself as the foundation to loving another and provides tangible action steps towards making that happen. She’s a loving fur-Mom to a kitty named Skittles, loves dancing, playing sports and traveling near and far. She studied Communication and Psychology at the University of Tulsa and is currently writing her first book.